Water, clay and fire are elements which command humility when practicing daily. The pieces of work shown today aim at giving

a tribute to nature for its beauty, generosity and alerting on its

fragility. I felt I had to express through theses series how the future of humanity is intimately connected with that of the Earth.

Pascale Mouchès is a primary school teacher who has been practicing pottery for over 20 years. She spent nearly all her life abroad.

As a child she was captivated by the potters’ work in Nabeul (Tunisia) and later by antique ceramics in Athens (Greece). She learnt in Paris on evening classes and went on practicing in Egypt and Indonesia from traditional workshops. She started to teach in her own mobile studio ten years ago.

All these experiences enriched her technical abilities and were sources of inspiration.


poterie. sculpture.Atelier chameau blanc à Fréjus. 06 19 52 96 29

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